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Rogers, Arkansas Friday, May 19, 2006


We are Dr. Campbell's third grade gifted and talented class and in December of 2005, we went to interview Mayor Steve Womack.  We went to ask questions abut what it was like to be a Mayor because we were studying the history and government of Rogers.

We told Mayor Womack that we had explored the Rogers City website and that we did not like it because there was not a link for kids. Mayor Womack said that the City website was in the process of being redesigned. He asked us to design a "kids link" of the Rogers website.  We accepted the challenge.

First we had to come up with a logo, and since Rogers became a town because of the Frisco Railroad, we decided that a train should be our logo. Next we had to decide on the links for the kids website.  That took a lot of brainstorming and decision-making. After we decided on the links, then we had to research each link. The Mayor's link was the easiest to do because we had already interviewed him.  The rest of the links took a lot of time. We even had
Mr. Keven Anderson, a State Representative come to teach us about government because  we did not know anything about government.

We hope you enjoy our website as much as we have enjoyed making it!

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